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The Hero was designed to....
Put a stop bedwetting. We have developed our softest, most versatile and waterproof nighttime solution yet! Now thats EPIC!

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Hero Undies Boris Spider Bedwetting Underwear Hero Undies; Boris

Fun design for all kids

Our Price: $26.95
Hero Undies Spinderella Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear Hero Undies; Spinderella

Soft pliable fleece at legs and waist

Our Price: $26.95
Hero Undies Space Oddity Bedwetting Underwear Hero Undies; Space Oddity

Great for nighttime space travel

Our Price: $26.95
Hero Undies Dreamweaver Bedwetting Underwear Hero Undies; DreamWeaver

Dream big day or night

Our Price: $26.95
Hero Undies Fearsome Frog Bedwetting Underwear Hero Undies; Fearsome Frog

Green is fun and eco friendly

Our Price: $24.95
Hero Undies Cupcake Queen Bedwetting Underwear Hero Undies; Cupcake Queen

Girls feel special in brilliant Pink

Our Price: $24.95
Hero Undies Aquanaut Bedwetting underwear Hero Undies; Aquanaut

Need a better overnight option?

Our Price: $24.95
Potty Training Through Parenting, By Laura Woj

Whether there is an imbalance of power in your home between child and adult, or you just need some really solid "how-to" advice, this book is sure to help!

Our Price: $16.95
Bamboo Hemp Diaper Insert Hero Undies Bamboo Hemp Insert Set

Most effective insert on the market

Our Price: $14.95
Hero Undies Microfiber Diaper Insert Hero Undies Microfiber Insert Set

Two inserts in one!

Our Price: $9.95