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Nothing is scarier than the impending potty training job ahead, but don't fret! Think of the greatness on the other side! Think about how amazing it would be to get on a plane with a toddler, and they tell you they have to go potty! Now think of what it would be like if they didn't tell you, and you have to change a 3 yr old's diaper on that plane. Thinking of potty training like a benefit, like a wave of freedom, puts you in the right mindset!

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So why are you afraid? Because in that middle gray area of diapers to freedom, you don't know what is going to happen. You know it will be taxing. You know it will have its own element of stress. Here are the best ways to potty train fast with the least amount of fear. I'll list them immediately, but we will go into more depth later.

1. Go naked AND use Potty Training Pants:
Naked is a great way to start potty training, but if you don't get into something more than nothing quick - you'll end up with a potty trained kid only if he's naked. And that's not a sustainable practice, is it? Potty Training Pants offer a smoother transition for your toddler. They will help eliminate the fear that toddlers quickly develop when potty training, which later shows up in things like refusing to poop unless they are in a diaper and hiding to poop. Potty train for the first day naked. If you had a lot of success, start the second day naked and then start using trainers in the late morning. Talk to your kid about how different it will be with trainers, and how he still is not allowed to pee in them. Going into clothing and trainers from potty training naked is like restarting the whole system, but wouldn't you rather restart it now then in a few weeks? Keeping a child naked for more than a 3 or 4 days will develop a new potty habit that you will then have to break.

2. Be intentional. You need 2-3 days:
Taking a small window of actually "training" your child in how to use the bathroom is essential. This is typically done in a 2-3 day period where you and your toddler stay home. If you child doesn't catch on with being naked on day one, then you may need to tack a day onto this time frame.

3. Limit your space:
Close down various rooms in your house and limit your toddler's access to only 1-2 main rooms. This is imperative to potty train faster! With your child not being able to leave your sight, you will have more opportunities to catch him needing to go (which is a teaching opportunity.)

4. Stay Off Facebook!
Allowing yourself to plug into time sucking stuff like Facebook will unplug you from the task at hand. Sure it might be boring to not be in social media, but if you think you can potty train while you stay plugged into all these things that take your attention, just feel free to tack on another few weeks to your potty training journey. Yup. Paying more attention in the beginning will help you potty train faster.

5. Plan on this taking a few days.
Most children are not rainbow unicorn babies. They need repetition. What if I told you they need something repeated 50 times? Yeah. So if we get 15 teaching opportunities in each day for potty training, then we will be almost good in 3 days. We will still need some follow-up though. See? Plan on telling a kid about using the potty 50 times.

So in a nutshell, that is the bones for how to potty train.