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Many people ask me, "Are we still potty training, or is this bedwetting?"

Keep this bedwetting info in mind when considering your toddler's age and situation... A child's body can take 3 to 6 months to figure out the whole bedwetting thing AFTER being daytime potty trained. So give it some time and don't worry. If you want to be truly free from the cost of disposable diapers, then our cloth, heavy duty, overnight bedwetting pants could be just the thing you are looking for! All you need is one or two. Just wash them in a normal load with other things and you're set!

When potty training, should you use a cloth option at night instead of keeping your toddler in pull-ups?

If your child is clever, then yes. If your toddler knows there are diapers in the house and thinks if he acts out (like refusing to poop without a diaper so you'll give him one) then a completely 100%, ditching of the diapers ceremony is essential to potty train effectively. I call this behavior "opportunistic." A child who is attached to their diaper will not be very helpful in potty training if diapers are in the house.