Bedwetting Pants

Bedwetting Pants

Bedwetting Pants


Bedwetting Pants

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The absorbency in these undies is microfiber, for cotton nighttime undies in different colors click here!

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Finally a Nighttime Bedwetting Solution!

These Bedwetting Pants are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They come with 4 layers of microfiber absorbency built in, and fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable, and more leak resistent fit. Excellent for potty training transitional nights, or even for minor child enuresis. For heavy nighttime bedwetting, please add a step-up insert to them.

This product can fit all the way up to 14 years old! But if you need an even bigger size for a special needs situation or adult cloth diaper Click here for more information.

These Bedwetting Pants (nighttime underwear) can usually handle most levels of wetters, although they may require additional absorbency, or to be changed once through the night. You can use one of our Step-up inserts, a diaper insert that you may already have, a wash rag folded in half or thirds, whatever it takes to add more absorbency in there. Some children can pee 16 oz at a time! Fill up a glass and take a look, that's a lot!

Will these nighttime underwear really work for me?

Most likely, and here's why...

Your Super Undies will last!
We are committed to making a product that will stand the test of time. Our standard warranty covers all parts of the garment for 60 days, but beyond that Super Undies services their products. Pertinent pieces of the Super Undies pants can be repaired free of charge for the life of the product. This includes snaps and seams that may come undone.

These bedwetting pants are going to absorb what you need them to!
The Bedwetting Pants are constructed with two separate soaker pads of microfiber inside them, which is enough to hold up to 450 mL of fluid, but beyond that the undies have an internal system to receive even more absorption, so as much as you need is exactly what you can have!

Bedwetting Pants are really waterproof nighttime underwear that are built to withstand leaks
I know it may seem like a funny idea to have fleece edges at the legs and waist, but this is actually part of our secret weapon. The soft anti-pill fleece we use is water repellant - meaning that water not only does not go through it, but is actually blocked. This gives you an additional insurance policy against a leak that might be thinking about happening.

Super Undies offers support in your struggle to get through this bed wetting stuff.
Maybe your child stopped peeing at night, but then started again weeks later when you thought you were done. Or maybe your Super Undies worked very well at first, but eventually started to leak. Or maybe they build up an odor. These problems are possible with any cloth absorbency system, whether it be a diaper, training pant or bed wetter pant. Well, Super Undies knows why, and there are a lot of factors to consider. We offer complete support in pressing that reset button and getting your used Super Undies back to optimum condition after months of use. Our support center is always available and manned by the owner herself. Why go with anything else when we are committed to helping you solve whatever problem you are having?

Super Undies are a cost effective tool to help manage the time you will be dealing with bed wetting.
No one knows how long it will last, and even if your second or third child will go through the same thing. Check out how cheap it is to use these Bedwetting Pants, even though $29.95 can seem like a bit of a sticker shock! Two packs of disposable undies a month can cost the $30.00 you'll spend on one of these, but that one pair can be washed with regular loads and be ready every night to use again! You'll get WAY more than a month of use out of these Bedwetting Pants!!

Super Undies will make your child more economically and environmentally responsible. Since Super Undies are made in America, your child will be instantly, and fashionably, more patriotic (if you live in America too.) If you don’t live in America, than you will still be happy to know that since your Super Undies are made in America, you are certainly not supporting any third world sweat shops or unethical labor practices, and that the garment you are receiving has not come into contact with any harmful substances or dioxins that could cause their workers a wide range of illnesses including infertility and various cancers. It might also ease your minds to know that our materials are sourced and made in America as well!

If you are still not sure if this is the right item for your child...
Give us a call and let us help you figure it out. We are honest, and happy to recommend something else if we feel these may not suit your needs.

Super Undies Size Chart

Typical Age
Size 1 17-20" 11-13" 16" 28-38 lbs 3T
Size 2 18.5-22" 12-14" 18" 32-42 lbs 4-5 yrs
Size 3 21-24" 14-16" 21" 40-65 lbs 6-9 yrs
Size 4 23-28" 15-17" 23" 60-85 lbs 9-13 yrs

Care and Materials

Inner fabric - Touching skin: A smooth poly-Lycra blend
Absorbency inner: Microfiber Terry Cloth
Colored outer fabric: Waterproof PUL
Tabs: PUL and a soft microfiber fleece
Leg Binding: Water-resistent anti-pill fleece

For more information, try our Care page.
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1. Anonymous User on 2/11/2014, said:

I did not even get my underwear in the mail yet however they said it was in stock on their site and then 4 days after payment I get a email that they are out of stock of the color I chose which is still showing up they have it in stock when I looked this morning. Site is not organized and I paid 13+$ priority shipping and my items still have not shipped and again it took them 4 days to contact me that my diaper I had chosen was not in stock at the moment. Disappointed is not even how I feel with the customer service. Especially when I shelled out 125$+ to buy from them.
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2. Anonymous User on 11/15/2013, said:

Very disappointed. My girls ages 5 & 6 have nighttime enuresis...and if they are anything like their aunt's and uncles, they will have it until they are teenagers. Looking for a reasonable substitute for pull ups and a solution to washing bedding daily, I found these and purchased 2 pair. I've had them a month and they already are losing their ability to hold moisture and I am back to washing bedding daily. I also tried the extra insert to see if that would make a difference and it hasn't. Besides the fact that they don't do their job, they are a pain to wash. I have to pull all layers apart, flip inside out, pre-rinse/handwash before I even put them in the wash. AND still they smell like urine. And if I wash them w a regular load, my whole load smells like urine. (and yes I have followed all care instructions). Also not to mention the unsightly, not "big kid" appearance. The girls can hardly fit them under their pjs. Very very disappointed customer. -JamieLee
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3. Anonymous User on 10/22/2013, said:

the product works great doesn't leak like goodnights and less laundry to do makes me happy Thanks
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4. Anonymous User on 10/18/2013, said:

My name is Rachel my son is 9 years is heavy sleeper and heavywater he loves super undies waking up to dry bed in the morning Great job on the undies no leaking at all would highly recommend the product for anyone who was a bedwetting child they work great Thanks so much for making this amazing product
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5. Natasha on 6/20/2013, said:

My 3 year daughter is fully potty trained during the day, but still wets heavily at night. I was looking to replace my old fashioned cloth diapers for a pull up alternative expecting that she'll start getting up at night now to pee and needed something w/o the snappy that she could pull up and down herself. First, it was really hard to find any pull style cloth diaper that said they could stand up to all night wetting. I purchased 1 of the top three to try them out (Antsy Pants, Mother-ease bedwetter pants and Super Undies). Of the 3, Super Undies was the only one that didn't leak and quite honestly, were the cutes and less bulky. I was surprised, considering the lack of bulk that they did so well. They are by far my daughter's favorite as well. I plan to purchase more now that I found that actually works. There are some reviews about smell, if you wash them w/ vinegar and baking soda that takes care of the smell. They do take longer to dry, but only like 10 - 15 min longer than the rest of the clothes. Make sure you follow the instructions and pull out the insert. Also my daughter is VERY heavy wetter, so I added an additional insert (it comes w/ one attached), just in case.
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6. Anonymous User on 6/19/2013, said:

The design has really mastered the "leaking" problem. We haven't had any issues with that. They also seem to fit pretty comfortably. My only issue has been that I can't seem to get them entirely clean (smell-free) and entirely dry once they've been washed. They take quite a bit longer so far- probably in part because they are so effective at holding moisture. It has been a better solution than anything else I've been able to find, just those two issues.
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7. Anonymous User on 5/2/2013, said:

I believe we have the older style, but they work great! We've been using them over a year on a 5/6 year old. Huge savings over disposables!
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8. Anonymous User on 5/2/2013, said:

Finally a product to get us through the night dry! My 2 year old daughter has always been a huge night time wetter. We have even tried a disposable diaper with a cloth cover over top to keep her bed and jammies dry. With the Bed Wetter Pants we don't need to do that. Just pull up and go. To ensure no wetness adding a Step up Insert does the trick.
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9. Anonymous User on 4/17/2013, said:

I love these. I have the old style and the new style and found that I didn't need all the padding in the old stlye so I cut one of the soakers out. Not one leak. Not one. With my super peeeeer (LOL) I was truly surprised. I hope they work as well for my son who is next in line to be potty trained starting at 1 yr. My 3 year old is completely trained and my 2 year old is trained except for poop accidents. So cross my fingers I can have my son trained with these by 2 also. Thank you for saving my hundreds of dollars in the long run.
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10. Jeannette on 2/10/2013, said:

These are AMAZING! They are the only thing we have found to keep our little man dry. He pees through everything, his cloth diapers that are triple-stuffed, nighttime disposables, just everything - except these. With these his sheets and pajamas are dry every time. We fold the soaker over and stuff with a hemp doubler in the pocket. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with these, especially because they come small enough to fit my 23 lb 2 year old.
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