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Potty Training Through Parenting, By Laura Woj

Whether there is an imbalance of power in your home between child and adult, or you just need some really solid "how-to" advice, this book is sure to help!

Our Price: $16.95
3 pack of nighttime bedwetting underwear. The Original potty training underwear from Super Undies. Dynamite 3 Pack Size 1

Your Nighttime Bedwetting Solution

Our Price: $98.85
Even Better Price!: $69.00
Savings: $29.85
Pick 5 Training Pants

You will get 5 pairs (3 prints and 2 solids) and 3 Inserts in this kit!

Our Price: $98.00
Adult Overnight Incontinece 10 Pack

Our Price: $549.00
Even Better Price!: $345.00
Savings: $204.00
Adult Cloth Diaper 10 Pack Adult Pull-on Incontinence Underwear 10 Pack

Adult incontinence can be a financial burden, as well as a difficult issue to cope with. Super Undies makes adult incontinence underwear and cloth diapers based on child diapers that are proven to work, but in larger sizes. These items are designed for daytime and nighttime incontinence for adults and kids with special needs. Save money with easy to wash, reusable adult cloth diaper options over costly disposable adult diapers.

More to consider when using incontinence underwear.
Waterproofing - These underwear are completely waterproof.
Absorbency - Our incontinence pants have 2 layers of built-in absorbency with a pocket that can have additional padding added to it. They come trim, but you can make them what you need them to be.

We only ever sew through 3 layers of fabric at a time. Any more than that and odors can build up and become trapped in the seams.

Full coverage back - More room in the back means more space to absorb, and more waterproofing to hold it all in.

Our Price: $399.00