Pull-On Potty Training Pants Pattern

Pull On Potty Training Pants Pattern
Before setting out to construct our pattern, we determined what problems parents were having with existing potty training pants, and what we could do to help. While we won't be mean and call out specific brands of potty training pants, the most common complaints were:
  • "They're flimsy and fall apart in the wash!"
  • "They're not practical! The absorption isn't where it should be!"
  • "They're poofy and it looks like a diaper!"
  • "They don't fit right, so they leak everywhere!"

We took this information and went straight to work in our S.U.S.H.I.™ research and development labs, which may or may not be located somewhere underground in the vacinity of western Nevada, two hundred and sixteen feet from a half-bent stop sign. We knew we had to solve these problems parents were having with "other" potty training pants, and at the same time keep our heroes looking heroic to the public, and menacing to the butt-mops. After long hours of discussion, we emerged from the conference room with a plan! We would gather the local mothers (with as little kidnapping as possible), get the most durable and super hero worthy materials we could, and... that's where our plan stopped.

When Laura came into the Lab holding a set of blueprints, she was quite angry with us. We had chopped up most of the materials with reckless abandon upon finding out that our plan had no direction after getting the materials. I personally think she was more angry that we had yet again done something with reckless abandon while she wasn't there to enjoy it as well. Whatever the case may be, we were presented with the blueprints and went straight to work!

The result was a colorful and completely form-fitting piece of super hero equipment that would make Superman's cape jealous. The gentle elastic around the legs make sure that they will fit to whatever size or shape your hero is, and the side tabs create the non-bulky sleek wear of these potty training pants.

Our colored fabric is waterproof giving your car seat and couch security. Super Heroes are supposed to protect things, right? Cleaning your furniture after a training pants "wardrobe malfunction" isn't cheap! But by far the best part of Super Undies™ is their unprecedented stretchy side tabs of epic proportion! These tabs are double layered on each side for superb contraction. This means they will hug your child's hips in a smooth soft way, all without compromising their super stretchy nature. Your child is sure to be able to potty train independently with the ability to easily pull these on and off all by themselves.

So what goes into the cost of Super Undies™ potty training pants?
  • American crafted labor right here in sunny California.
  • Careful pattern consideration to help your child feel like he’s wearing real big kid underwear.
  • Nine pattern pieces of crafting for Pull on potty training pants.
  • Seven pattern pieces forge the Pocket potty training pants.
  • Thirteen pattern pieces create the Nighttime Underwear potty training pants.
  • Closely guarded secret stretchy material for amazing side tabs.
  • Trim and flowy waterproof fabric.
  • Custom milled smooth inner fabric made from recycled material helps your child feel wet and potty train faster!
  • Stellar customer service and lightning fast shipping!

Did we answer the parents problems with the "other" potty training pants? I think we did! Let's revisit:
  • Others are flimsy and fall apart in the wash? - We use extremely durable materials and hand sew them right here in California. These are no "sweatshop" product.
  • Others aren't practical? - We have carefully mapped out the wet zone, and formed the pattern to keep the moisture there.
  • Others are poofy and look like diapers? - We are as sleek as they come with form-fitting stretchy side tabs, and gentle elastic around the legs.
  • Others don't fit right, or they leak everywhere? - Ours are made to form fit any child between the ages of two, and seven. The pockets have room for added inserts for more protection from leaking, and the Nighttimes are completely protective during night time rolling, as well as heavy wetting.

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