potty training regresion

Here’s why potty training starts out great, then rapidly goes down hill –

Every adorable, little toddler has a soft place in their heart to genuinely please mom and dad. “she wants me to sit here and pee,” he thinks to himself, and so he does. Mom kisses him and makes a big scene and he is enchanted with the whole ordeal! This is truly how it goes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So what goes wrong?

I call it the two-week regression. After about two weeks, mom thinks they’re doing great and junior thinks this potty training thing is taking up a lot of his time. He’d rather have fun, watch TV (even commercials) or play with his trains. He didn’t sign up for some life-long commitment here, he just wanted to make mom happy and he did! His job is now done. Junior has checked out!

Here’s what it looks like – Junior is playing at his train table and pees in his pants (or worse). He doesn’t tell you. He just keeps going. You think – How strange! He never does that! He didn’t even TELL me?!

This keeps happening and soon mom is convinced he forgot what they were doing. She stays strong for a few days, even a week but his love for what he wants to do trumps him dealing with her confusion and maybe even anger.

She panics at the thought of having to clean it up, mess after mess and puts him back into diapers. Finally, rest for her and victory for him.

Well, parents, this is typical! Everyone is going through it and you are NOT alone! But realizing that they didn’t forget the past two weeks or month of work should comfort you. A child will stay silent when questioned because they may not want to lie but they sure as heck don’t know how to tell you the truth! The truth is, it’s not fun anymore!