About Us

Did you know that Super Undies is run right out of Laura Woj’s home? In fact, Most of Super Undies is home based, all over the country!

Founded in 2008, Super Undies is a fully sustainable cloth diaper company that caters to the potty-training world. Our product range delivers premium solutions for potty-training, overnight bedwetting and daily protection for toddlers through adults. We began as a child-based company, but over the years our reputation brought many requests through the special-needs community as well. Eventually leading us to make our products larger. In addition, we specialize in helping with delayed potty-training, as well as youth, adolescent, and adult incontinence.

Our adult cloth diaper products from www.ThreadedArmor.com are made the same way as our high end children’s products, making sure what works well for one group works well for the other. We do not skimp on quality, comfort, fit and protection.

Meet Laura Woj

Laura started Super Undies over 10 years ago, as she looked to fill the needs of her own family. Since then, this personal solution blossomed into a thriving business, helping thousands of people potty train their toddlers, and through her development of a cloth bedwetting solution, Laura has given dignity back to so many young people that have struggled with nighttime enuresis.

The Woj family live on a small homestead in Southern California and moved into this larger home as the company and family grew. Now the extra rooms and oversized 3 Car garage make up our offices and warehouse. What a great commute to work.

After work the kids and Laura go walk the goats for a nice family get-together (And free goat food.)

Curious about all the residents of “WojStead”? (The nickname for our little community.) Well, we start off with 2 Parents, 3 Kids, 1 Cattle Dog, 1 African Grey Parrot, 2 Sun Conures (hoping to have babies!) 1 Bunny, 2 Goats, 16 Chickens, 1 Button Quail, and 1 Bearded Dragon rounds out the clan. As you can see, Laura and her family have lots of love to share.

Super Undies has been going strong for over 10 years! And this wouldn’t be possible without the dedication from our “hi-functioning” Super-Team.

Here are some of the great folks that give their all to Super Undies.

Paul Grabowski – Sales Director
Paul is a single dad and double duties with two jobs. He works out of his home in Ohio, admins our social boards with us and does an amazing job keeping Laura on track -for now.

Olga Martinez – Productions Manager
Olga runs a team of seamstresses in California, some who work in a shop, but others who can work at home. We have no restrictions here. If you’re a sewing mama and need to stay home, but still need to work, we’re your company! It’s really amazing how we get such great quality from people sewing at home. These ladies are top notch! And they aren’t all woman! Pepe does all our cutting, and even helps sew!

Kate Toole
This firecracker is 17 yrs old and has been working for Super Undies for more than a year. She is our main shipping girl! She is fondly referred to as “our millennial.” She is currently in college and on track to have a degree within the next year. We love Kate!

Need to Know More?

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