Having a child who struggles with bowel incontinence is a huge challenge. Super Undies offers a variety of products, including swimming pants, to fully contain accidents due to bowel incontinence.
We’ve heard it all. Many children with downs syndrome who are reasonably potty trained still get excited when it’s time to go swimming, and in their excitement, they release their bowels. Although this can be very embarrassing to the parents, it can be dealt with! Super Undies Hero Undies can contain a bowel accident fully, and with the second layer of waterproofing, it also hides the substance that can show through, further adding to that embarrassing moment.

Bowel Incontinence Waterproof Underwear With Gussets

The Hero Undies Insert Set,  sold separately here, is beefy enough to be used as a full cloth diaper and incontinence underwear that can handle bowel incontinence as well, but when you use the hero undies as swimming pants, use no insert or just a step-up insert. This allows for minimal absorbency for urinary accidents. Too much absorbency in the pool and a kid may not be able to get out!  
We’re very excited to be able to offer parents a solution to kids who suffer from bowel incontinence.
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Super Undies line of diapering and waterproof underwears covers a myriad of uses. Family with special needs can find what they are looking for in our extensive collection. For more help, call 1-424-222-9379. Laura can help lead you to the product that best suits your circumstances.

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