The Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer, AKA Laura Woj goes Facebook Live with Calgary Cloth Diapers to tackle the important topics of potty training.
Discussing effective potty training tips, including the child psychology into why these toddlers are acting this way, and answering viewer questions!
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Watch NOW and get all potty-smart!

00:00 Intro while people join
04:20 Reverse engineer potty training
05:25 Potty Training Naked
08:00 Verbal Communication
08:50 If your kid is stuck at “naked”
10:30 Pull-up vs trainers and dealing with poop in cloth taking pants
11:25 Biological/Psychological response and why kids pee when you put pants on
12:00 Fear – responses and avoiding
16:45 The Best way to get started potty training
18:00 Should you use diapers at night
20:20 Dealing with accidents
22:00 Child won’t poop in the bathroom
24:30 Regression