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Why you should NOT dabble in potty training – By Laura Woj

Does your toddler show the “signs of readiness?” 
Did you run the store and pick out a potty?
Did you set it up that day to see *if he might just GO*? All on his own?

Yes, that would be great. And if you did that, you haven’t shot yourself in the foot just yet. But be careful, you’re in dangerous territory! I call this “Dabbling in Potty Training.”

There are two ways to “dabble.”
#1 – Put a potty out and see if you have a magic unicorn baby who trains themselves. You could operate here for months, just hoping that it could happen!

#2 – You decide you’re going to potty train, start your kid out naked, then don’t have a follow-up plan. You continue life as normal and hope that you are around when you catch the accident.

But here’s what can go wrong…

#1 Putting a mini toilet out for use and letting your kid be a free-range chicken will eventually teach your offspring that this mini toilet thing doesn’t really matter. It’s decoration. If your toddler is not using it regularly and you decide to start potty training for real, he may buck the system more because he is perfectly aware the toilet hasn’t been used so far, so why start now?

#2 Potty training naked gives children an incredible learning opportunity to see first hand what their own bodies are doing. They associate the pre-pee feel with peeing, and even how it can then get your skin wet. So much happens in the minds of toddlers when they go potty naked! The problem begins if you are a parent who dabbles in potty training and is not intentional with it. So you let your kid go naked then get back to your business. The toddler pees, stops, then moves on. He was primed for a teachable moment there and he wasn’t taught. But actually, he was. He was just taught that peeing on the floor didn’t matter. Don’t be this parent! You can add weeks onto your potty training journey! If you want to potty train fast and effective, you will make sure that you are there for every teachable moment.

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