The Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer, AKA Laura Woj goes Facebook Live with Diaper Junction to discuss important topics of potty training. In this session we discuss elimination communication, the typical stubborn child, the yoga-pooper, daycare routines, the use of public restrooms and much more. Thank you Diaper Junction, we did a 30 minute live and answered some really great questions!

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Sabrina How on earth do you get a yoga-pooper to poop in the toilet and not his underpants? It’s not just a squat; he goes full-on downward dog.
I honestly think it has to do with the position rather than sheer stubbornness. He has gone on the toilet maybe 5 times this whole time. It’s like he just can’t catch the pushing downward. Or I guess maybe doesn’t want to.

Emily When is the best time to start potty training and what are your thoughts on “elimination communication”?

Kasandra What is the reason they say trainers slow down the process!? Also what is the easiest way to get your child to not be scared to poop on the potty!?

Sierra My son goes to daycare and their potty routine has been:
1. They take off the dirty diaper
2. He ‘tries’ to go 
3. They put him in a new diaper.
They have been doing this before he was even interested in the potty. He is now a new three-year-old and is aware when he needs to go to the bathroom but he poops in his diaper and then he wants to sit on the potty (just like at school). How do I get him to sit on the potty first?

Also, they stand to pee at school (they have miniature toilets) and he wants to stand to pee at home, but our toilet is normal size and it freaks him out that it’s so big and he can’t easily stand the way he does at school and he gets upset… help! He does already use a step stool.

Jessica Any tips on weaning off a kid seat to having them use just the regular toilet? Also any tips about having kids use public restrooms when right now they just … won’t due to the noise/automatic flushing?

Kala My daughter has gone on the potty twice all on her own, so I know she can do it however she seems content to just go in her pants gets mad when I get tired of cleaning up the mess and put a diaper on her. What can I do to get her to go in the potty? She has also started to try to change her own diaper.

Kathryn Got the days down, how do I get my 3 yo to stop accidents at night?

Potty Training Q&A with Laura Woj – The Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer. Brought to you by Super Undies

Posted by Diaper Junction on Tuesday, June 20, 2017