Potty training before the age of 2 is one of the best ways to ensure training success.
The difference lies in how parents approach potty training vs allowing your child to control the situation.
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When using a parent led potty training approach, parents will…

* Decide when training will happen
* Have a plan in place, typically passed down from their parents
* Be confident in their own ability to facilitate potty training
* Provide all the necessary tools, which at 12 months really just looks like a small potty to sit on

Any potty training that takes place before 2 years old is typically from a parent-led approach. The reason that other countries have this style pf potty training as a typical part of their culture is because the matriarch in the family has passed it down to them. I’ve interviewed a mother from Russia and a mother from Spain. Both told me that when they had a baby, their mothers told them at 12 months old, on the first birth day – you potty train. “How did they tell you to do it?” I asked.

Here is our Secret Recipe

1. Stop using diapers
2. Every morning put the child on the toilet and wait.
3. Throughout the day, put the child on the toilet. Especially before making meals since you will have your hands busy and won’t be able to attend to them at this time.
4. Make happy gestures every time they go successfully.

Through consistency, this method works. It is so effective because at 12 months old, your child is not really going to squirm off the toilet and tell you no. They are generally compliant, and as you potty train like this, they develop a pavlovian response to sitting on the toilet. You are not counting on them to use the bathroom when you have to. Once that pavlovian response sets in, you will now be counting on them to go when you put them there. The tables now turn. It’s kind of like how you can pee in a cup on command at the doctor’s office.

Check out this excerpt from HealthyMummy to see her take on it..

“The biggest difference between parent-led toilet training and child-led toilet learning is in the attitude of the adult.
They need to remain positive and affirming and avoid placing a time limit on the process.”

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