Of course, there are those who fearlessly know what they are doing, have a plan and are ready to tackle potty training their 12-month-olds.

And then there are those who aren’t the same as those mythical, magical unicorn mommies.

Potty training without the use of training pants can certainly be done, and there are a few reasons you may want to do it this way. Going commando really helps with accountability! You’d BETTER have your head in the game, be asking every 20 minutes, and be unplugged from your computer and phone – because you’re going to need to be. In fact, naked potty training is a great way to teach body awareness. It is especially helpful when you are in your 2-3 day lock-down-to-potty-train period.

But it is not always practical in the long run. In our world, you have a pre-potty training period where you teach the skills necessary, then the potty training period where you are going for it. But there is a logical little window between those two that should be “potty learning,” and that is where naked is helpful. After potty learning, even if you have had the best amount of success, you will still have accidents. That’s why training pants are made to look like underwear, function like underwear, feel like underwear but help parents out.

Super Undies takes it one step further and uses waterproof fabric. Frankly, because it got too ridiculous to have to wash the couch, car seat, and carpet too many times.

A potty training pant needs to be thin and trim, and not have a ton of absorbency in it. If you hit these criteria and your trainer happens to be waterproof as well, then your toddler is in for a squishy surprise! That’s right! A whole lot of wetness going on, but on THEIR side, not yours!

And that, my friend, is the natural consequence at it’s finest.