The biggest tip we can provide for conquering the dreaded Terrible Twos is to start potty training early. Potty training is the one of the many reasons parents, nannies and even our grandparents call it The Terrible Twos. We know its one of the struggles we need to overcome in this gentle age of transition. Potty training best happens in a calm place, where babies desire to please Mom. We see it as one of the first signs your boy or girl is ready to potty train and its the Green light telling us its time.

There are many signs of readiness you can read about online, but truth be told, potty training will work best when YOU say it will. Arm yourself with a plan before you get half-way through age two. As parents we understand its a difficult choice to start potty training, it requires a fair amount of work but don’t despair, the benefits are plentiful and we are here to help.

Is 16 months too early to potty train?
No! If your child can walk to the potty and get on it, then you CAN potty train. Many countries start potty training at 12 months old. There is a reason why they can do this and we typically don’t. It’s all in the culture. Their mothers potty trained at 12 months, so they will potty train at 12 months. It’s what they know, and they are comfortable with it, and the plan was passed down from mother to daughter,

But I need to encourage you to only potty train when you are comfortable. This means you are comfortable with the idea that your child can do it, and you are ready to be consistent yourself. I’ve met so may moms that come to me and say they really see the signs with their 16 month old, but they just can’t believe they should do this so young. People told them to wait until two. You don’t have to wait, but you have be educated and consistent, with a plan.

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