What do you get when you need waterproof underwear, but there are three different styles? A lot of questions!

How many overnight underwear will I need?2019-07-08T14:42:16-07:00

You will want at least two pairs of overnight underwear, either Nighttime Undies or Hero Undies, but most people find having three pairs is best. We have package deals set up to offer you discounts on multiple pairs 🙂

How can I track my order?2019-07-08T14:35:00-07:00

Yes, you can! All purchases placed through SuperUndies.com are monitored throughout the packaging process and a tracking number is assigned at the time of shipment. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your tracking number. You can also review this information in your Account

Where are Super Undies made?2019-06-25T13:28:32-07:00

Super Undies are expertly crafted by a team of work-at-home mamas right here in America! To be more specific, our lovely seamstress ninjas operate out of California, but we are looking to pop up more mini-operations throughout the country.

Can you teach me how to potty train my toddler?2019-07-08T14:35:06-07:00

I thought you’d never ask 🙂

Laura Woj, founder of Super Undies and Threaded Armor wrote the book on potty training. There are methods everywhere for how to potty train in a day, how to potty training in 3 days, using “potty training blocks”, but Laura realized that potty training truly comes down to parenting. Her book, Potty Training Through Parenting encourages and empowers parents to step into their role and lead their children through the potty training process, all the way to the end!

Check out Potty Training Through Parenting, by Laura Woj; A must-have for every potty training family!

Do you ship internationally?2019-06-25T13:28:50-07:00

Absolutely! We have families using our products in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan… You name it! To calculate the cost of your shipping, add products to your cart and hit the check out. You’ll be able to view shipping cost before completing the process. Shipping cost varies by weight, so we are not able to estimate international shipping through email. Using the cart to calculate it for you is the best way.

How long will it take if I want something that is Made to Order?2019-06-25T13:05:10-07:00

We queue all Made-to-Order items and execute them in the order received. The process takes between 1 and 3 weeks. You will receive a shipping notification when your package leaves our hands 🙂

Can all Super Undies products take more inserts?2019-07-08T14:44:02-07:00

YES! No matter what line you are considering, all Super Undies can take additional absorbency.
Nighttimes,  Hero Undies and Pull-on Undies (XL-2X)  take Step-up Inserts, while Pull-on Undies take “Boosters


How many Potty Training Pants will I need?2019-07-08T14:52:10-07:00

You will want to have 10 pairs of training pants on hand to comfortably get the deed done. You will breeze through 7-10 a day at first, but land comfortably around 5-7 a day after a few weeks. The remaining pairs should then be moved to your diaper bag or held in your car for emergencies. Did you know that fully potty trained kiddos can STILL have accidents through kindergarten?  Having Super Undies on hand are a perfect solution!

How long do Super Undies last?2019-06-25T13:30:09-07:00

Super Undies can last years before normal wear and tear bring them to the end of their usable life. We find many people can still resell their used undies after they are finished with them. To prolong the life of your super undies please wash them in a laundry garment bag and dry them on medium heat. After you’re done with your super undies, feel free to list them on eBay or the multiple buy/sell/trade pages on Facebook.

Which type of Undies do I need?2019-07-08T14:50:54-07:00

For potty training, check out Pull -on Undies

For night training you will want nighttime underwear.

For heavy bedwetting, hero undies are the best.

For special needs, see the larger sizes of Pull-on Undies; XL-3X

If you are tackling adult incontinence please check out Threaded Armor.

What size do I need?2019-07-08T14:31:14-07:00
Potty Training Underwear Size Chart

Potty Training Underwear Size Chart

Hero Undies Bedwetting Underwear Size Chart

Hero Undies Bedwetting Underwear Size Chart


Do I have to wash these?2019-06-25T13:18:06-07:00

Unfortunately, reusable items do you need to be washed. Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you think. By switching to Sustainable reusable products you are benefiting the environment and your wallet. Save money and go Green!

How do I wash these?2019-06-25T13:20:21-07:00

Toss your undies in a laundry garment bag. One pair of underwear and their insert per bag. (We give these away form free in our package deals;) )

For undies that of been sitting around beyond one day, pre-wash in cold.

Wash and warm with a standard detergent like Tide.

For the longest life span – dry on medium.


Do you have bigger sizes?2019-07-08T14:58:20-07:00

We do! We offer our Pull-on Undies in larger sizes that can easily accommodate teenagers. Our bedwetting underwear,  Hero Undies and Nighttime Undies, are also available through size 4, which typically fits up to 110 lbs.  For larger sizes check out Threaded Armor, a company dedicated to handling all adult incontinence issues.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?2019-06-25T13:27:06-07:00

You can email us any time at [email protected] We are not currently available to handle standard business hour phone calls, but if you need to speak with one of our expert product consultants please make an appointment here. Order related inquiries should be handled through email.

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