Well, as you may or may not know, I can sew. It’s a fun dying art that leads to relatively instant gratification in a job well done. That’s how I started Super Undies actually. I made them. But before I made them, I actually bought Gerber training pants. It was a three pack for $8.00 I believe. You know the kind…

But just like this picture above, all I had was white undies… but I had fabric! I was going to pimp out these trainers and make my boy fall in love with them, then my son and Gerber would start this complex relationship for the next few weeks that would eventually lead to him getting potty trained by his very own lonesome. All I had to do was make him love these things.  

I cut my fabric and began what should have been a simple process of folding under the raw edge and sewing straight stitches down the sides and along the top and bottom of the undies but dang it! My needle broke. No big deal, I’ll just replace it and move on. Then again! My needle broke within the first 5 stitches! And that’s when I got suspicious….

“What voodoo does this?”, I asked. How can a mere children’s apparel item take down my whole home sewing operation? And going out to Joann’s to get another pack of needles was turning into a trip I didn’t feel I owed to Gerber. So I took my 13″ Fiskars and cut those training pants in two, seeking the mystical powers it held.

Well, I can only sort of describe what was inside. It was a plastic mesh sponge. Not textile, mind you. A very strange critter indeed. Like a loofa in your shower! Not the pouffy one on a rope, the scratchy one no one really uses even though they bought it ’cause it looked all nature loving. A nice thin slice of THAT stuff inside those bad boys.

Wow! I was just amazed at the lengths some big box companies would go in order to not spend money on what should have been in there and trick the public into buying something that wasn’t what it seemed. I was duped.

I guess the story isn’t all that bad, though. It was from there that I went on to sewing my first pair of Super Undies. I’ll tell you the horror story why. Although, I give Gerber no credit with Super Undies creation! I swear this was just a one time isolated incident with them, that I am now too clever to repeat, thank you very much. Gerber – You got my $8 and that’s all you’ll ever get from me, ’cause now I have these….