Bedwetting, Potty Training Pants, and Waterproof Underwear, here’s How They Work

Super Undies offers a wide variety of Sustainably Friendly Cloth Based Underwear for Potty Training, Bedwetting and Special Needs. As well as a full line of Adult Care Underwear labeled under our brand, Threaded Armor.

Years of research and design adjustments have led us to boldly say that the strength and durability of Super Undies are unsurpassed by any alternative cloth manufacturer and we will go head to head against and disposable. The ability of Super Undies to soak up and lock in wetness is simply Brilliant.

To determine the right type and style of waterproof underwear for your family, take a look at your options below!

Potty Trainers

Let’s face it, Potty Training is scary for kids AND parents! This is a major transition stage for everyone in the home and something you shouldn’t leave to chance.

Fortunately, parents can be wiser and much more prepared for what is happening than their little ones. Especially with the help of educational materials, support groups and above all, a Plan.

Yet, far too often, parents are still scared to start potty training. This doesn’t have to be.

Now, think about the toddler for a moment. Potty Training can cause anxiety and confusion for your child and they will sense the confidence or insecurity you have around this process. So, let’s make sure you are ready.

Using waterproof, lightly padded Training Pants like Super Undies, can ease fear and anxiety for both you and your child, helping you to potty train with consistency and confidence.

Ready to learn all there is to know about making Potty Training easier? Then be sure to grab a copy of Potty Training Through Parenting, written by our founder, Laura Woj. This is the ultimate guide to helping parents stay focused and empowered, all while helping your little ones make the transition from Baby to Toddler, all that much easier.


Nighttime Trainers

Night Time Potty Training Pants are a great way to build the brain/body connection in your child. Yet the average training pants won’t have enough absorbency built into them, to last all night. At Super Undies, our Nighttime Undies training pants come with four layers of absorbency, plus a pocket to add more for those heavy wetting kiddos. This all-in-one style trainer can help your child overcome bedwetting better than any disposable, simply by allowing the brain to “feel the wetness” while they sleep.


Hero Undies

Designed with heavy bedwetting children in mind, Hero Undies are waterproof bedwetting pants that contain five layers of absorbency, plus additional waterproof gussets that flank the leg, back and tummy area. Plus, more absorbency can always be added to match the expected output of your child. It’s remarkable how heavy duty the Hero Undies are.


Special Needs Incontinence

Looking for larger sized cloth diapers for someone with special needs? We’ve taken our best products and expanded the sizing to help kids and young adults that are experiencing some variation of incontinence. Our waterproof underwear starts out with some absorbency and you can always add more into the built-in pocket as needed. The ease and simplicity of making these adjustments, along with comfortable style, will quickly have you realizing that these are the most comfortable, efficient and cost-effective cloth diaper/waterproof underwear on the market.


Need to Know More?

Download our guide on the 5 ways you might be potty training all wrong.