Nighttime Potty Training and Bedwetting

If you are potty training at night or have a kid who wets the bed, you need something more than just potty training pants. Even the best trainers aren’t going to have enough absorbency to last all night. Our all-in-one style Nighttime Undies training pants come with four layers of absorbency, and Hero Undies are 30% more absorbent that Nightime Undies, with additional waterproof protection for heavy bedwetters. Both styles can handle additional absorbency for you and your child to work out how much is needed. Switching to cloth may even help your child overcome bedwetting better than disposables, by allowing the brain to “feel the wetness” while they sleep, a necessary component to night training.

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Night Trainers and Bedwetting Pants

Switching from disposables to a reusable bedwetting solution can save you a lot of money! Our Night Trainers and Bedwetting Underwear are sustainably crafted, and made by a team of work-at-home moms, right here in America!

Don’t let bedwetting be a big deal! Just get a reusable solution so you can stop spending money. Bring your kid into the process by letting them choose their favorite color or print, and make them feel special!

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