I have great news for you. You child most likely has every skill necessary to potty train in a day! If you have dabbled in potty training at any point up until now, chances are your child is already potty trained. Kids at this level learn lightning fast.

Your kid can be potty trained in a few hours. A child that can stand there and have a full blown back and forth conversation with you, arguing her point and trying steer her own ship knows exactly what you are telling her when you explain that you want her to poop and pee in the toilet, not in her diaper. She is just exercising the option to not, and you can’t make her. Or can you?

The biggest downfall to success here could be your child’s intense ability to fall into imagination land. When they are running trains on a track or having teddy bears talking to each other, recognizing the urge to use the bathroom can be a faint feeling until it’s too late. You will need to spot those cues and point them out to her. Cues like dancing while playing. Of course, children who potty trained younger than this will still have this vice when the imagination runs rampant.

Potty training a compliant three-year-old is a breeze., implement a 1 day potty learning campaign, and ditch the diapers. Although there may be a reason you didn’t potty train in the the 24-36 month range, and those can be plentiful. Many potty training 3-year-old stories start with a parent hitting the end of the line. They get fed up with the diaper changes and waiting for their kid to show interest that they finally take matters into their own hands. And that’s exactly what needs to happen!

Tell them exactly what you want, show them, and most importantly – hold them accountable to any mishaps. The first few accidents are considered learning periods and you can help them clean up, all while explaining how you are doing and. Tell them that tomorrow they will be cleaning themselves up.

An involved kid who has a very active imagination can benefit from a waterproof potty training pant. Simply because they will have more accidents. Make sure they still clean themselves up and make sure you show them how.

That’s it! Just rinse wash repeat! Accountability to mistakes is the biggest key to potty training at this age. If it is hard for you, then make sure you are nice to you. Hire help cleaning, make frozen pizzas, get grandma to do some of the running around… Whatever you need to stay calm and focused on accountability.