Let me be the first to say, “I like the idea of potty training naked.”
Potty training naked gives children an incredible learning opportunity to see first hand what their own bodies are doing. They associate the pre-pee feel with peeing, and even how it can then get your skin wet. So much happens in the minds of toddlers when they go potty naked! The problem begins if you are a parent who dabbles in potty training and is not intentional with it. Be sure to read Don’t Dabble in Potty Training.

So you let your kid go naked then get back to your business. The toddler pees, stops, then moves on. He was primed for a teachable moment there and he wasn’t taught.

But actually, he was. He was just taught that peeing on the floor didn’t matter. Don’t be this parent! Every time you are not watching what is happening in potty training, you are reinforcing a new, fun, WRING way of elimination.

You can add weeks or months onto your potty training journey!