Potty Training Pants

Potty Training is scary, for parents AND kids! Both parties are entering into a transition stage, but parents are much more prepared for it with educational materials, support groups and a plan. But they are still scared to potty train. Think about the toddler now! Potty Training can cause anxiety and confusion for toddlers. Using waterproof, lightly padded training pants can ease fear and anxiety for both sides, and help you potty train with consistency and confidence. And for even more help, get Potty Training Through Parenting, a book written by Laura Woj that helps parents stay focused and empower them to lead their children all the way to potty training completion.

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Potty Training Pants that Bring Peace of Mind

Potty Training is the scariest event that parents face after the birth of their first child. It’s the most anticipated time of toddlerhood, and marks a great transition from baby to child. Don’t let potty training scare you! Super Undies combats fear through education and innovative training pants designed to minimize the impact of accidents in your home, while still allowing the child to feel wet and learn.

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