Aquanaut Special Needs Swim Diaper Size 2


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The Best Special Needs Swim Diaper

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Special Needs Swim Diaper 

Our Hero Undies act as a perfect special needs swim diaper. This listing is for one pair of Hero Undies with no insert and is perfectly suited for people who require a swim diaper in a pool, whether used for urinary or bowel incontinence. Our sizing ranges from small toddler through teen, maxing out at a 26/28″ waist and a leg girth of 18″.

  • Gusseted design for bowel incontinence
  • Double waterproof layer, able to hide the accident
  • Prints available, further hiding any accident
  • Does not absorb liquid
  • Is able to be used with either a Step-up insert for minimal absorbency or a Hero Undies Insert Set to make this a fully functional cloth diaper
  • Works well when traveling to go over a cloth or disposable diaper – just in case
  • Waistband folds down to cinch up the waist and reduces the rise
  • A reusable money-saving alternative to disposables
  • Multiple uses in one product!
  • Machine washable – no bleach
  • Latex and rubber free

Frequently asked questions

Will this absorb any liquid? 
No, if your pool requires a light absorbency for urinary leakage, please use out Step-up Insert. One insert laid inside will equal enough absorbency to meet your pool’s requirements. The majority of pools do not have specific requirements on the amount of absorbency for a special needs swim diaper, so the Hero Undies itself will suffice. 

Do I need a cover over these? 

No. In fact, these can act as a cover over a disposable for trips out or traveling! 

How many pairs would I need?

One pair will be fine as a swim diaper. Simply wash it and reuse it!

How does it hold in bowel movements?

We understand that bowel movements can be very embarrassing. The Hero Undies have a gusset that runs the full length – front to back – of the underwear. The gusset effectively traps any solids that are released, while the fun print and double layer helps to hide what just happened.

Can these be used any other way? 

The Hero Undies are designed as the ultimate nighttime bedwetting solution, so if you have trouble with nighttime bedwetting, add in a Hero Undies Insert Set and give them a try for overnight wetting! With no insert, the Hero Undies are a waterproof shell with gussets. It can be used as a cover, as a diaper when an insert is added, or as a nighttime bedwetting diaper.

Additional information

Weight 0.22 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 0.5 in


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