Bedwetting Pants


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Cloth Bedwetting Pants build the brain/body connection in a fast effecient way while your child sleeps. Our Hero Undies contain adjustable absorbecy, so YOU control what you need at night!


Bedwetting Pants; Hero Undies

It can take a child’s body three to six months of being daytime potty trained to naturally figure out potty training at night . You can consider yourself in the “night training” phase at this point. After that? It’s bedwetting.

Hero Undies Bedwetting Pants feature:

  • 360°  Internal Waterproof Gussets
  • 2 Soaker Pad System. Use the larger pocketed insert for night wetting – Add in the included Step-up Insert for moderate to heavy wetting – Add in an extra Step-up Insert for even MORE protection!
  • Waterproof Tabs for Side Sleepers
  • Snap-in/Snap-out soaker pads for thorough washing and quick drying
  • Pull-up style is less like a diaper
  • Washable and Reusable Bedwetting Pants replace your need for Good Nites or Under Jams

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