Adult Cloth Diapers for Day; Pull-on Style


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Using Adult Cloth Diapers can be scary. You need something waterproof, highly absorbent, and comfortable. 

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Using Adult Cloth Diapers can be scary. You need something waterproof, highly absorbent, and comfortable. Super Undies offers adult cloth diapers in a variety of colors and prints. This listing is for our Adult Cloth Diaper. It comes with two layers of built-in microfiber absorbency, as well as a pocket to add more inserts into. 


Waterproof Body

Stretchy SUPER COMFY Tabs 

Fleece Lined Legs and Waist (Water Resistant)

Wide Comfortable Floating Waistband 

No openings mean no compromised seams to leak through.

Full coverage back – More room in the back means more space to absorb, and more waterproofing to hold it all in.

Pocket to Hold More Absorbency 

This is a pull-on style pant. It is a trim option, perfect for discreetly wearing under clothing. It is mostly for daytime use, because the tabs at the waist are trim adn stretchy, rather than waterproof, like our Overnight Style. 

Commonly Asked Questions
How absorbent are these Heavy Duty Adult Cloth Diapers compared to disposable adult diapers? 
When put to the test, our XL size heavy duty adult cloth diaper can hold 375 ml of fluid, but depending on size absorbency varies. Disposable adult diapers use something called SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) to soak up the liquid on hold it, but that is not a sustainable practice. Not for the materials, and not for your wallet. Switching to cloth can certainly be scary at first, but Super Undies has created the best leakproof system known in adult cloth diapering and applied manufacturing techniques straight from our knowledge in modern cloth diapers. We looked at fit and function when crafting our products, rather than cutting corners, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best heavy duty adult cloth diaper on the market today. The absorbency in this product is directly related to what you need. The unique system of adding inserts based on your needs makes them able to absorb what YOU need them to.

What size adult cloth diaper should I get?
We recommend you measure your waist rather than go by your pants size, then compare it to the chart under the SIZE TAB. Our measurements are actual fitting measurements. Choose a size that correlates to your measurement sitting right in the middle of the range we give. Our sizes try to correspond to the pants size you would buy in a store. 

Heavy Duty Adult cloth diaper size chart

How many diapers will I need?
Track how many diapers you typically use during the day and try to determine when you need heavier absorbency. You can always use our lighter absorbency, trimmer pull-on style adult diapers for a portion of the day and reserve the heavy absorbency overnight underwear for the times when you need more soaking power. Typically our users are repeat customers because they understand the value of rotating through a stash. If you use any item of clothing every day, it wears out quicker. Having an ample supply of heavy duty adult cloth diapers to choose from will ease the burden on your supply, and cause it to last longer. Fun colors and prints are offered to help you mix it up a little! 

We are developing an adult cloth diaper subscription, to help budget and automate the building of your stash. If you would like to be updated about our adult cloth diaper news and info, please sign up! 

Stay up to Date on our Adult Cloth Diapers

Will you be making these heavy duty adult cloth diapers in other colors?
Yes! On the 14t of every month Super Undies releases a limited amount of our heavy duty adult cloth diapers in a fun new print or color combination to the public. When they are gone they’re gone. Make SURE you are getting the email if you want to be notified of when we are releasing something! 

Do you carry other incontinence products?
In addition to these Heavy Absorbency Adult Cloth Diapers, we offer a trimmer Pull-on Style Waterproof Diaper (slimmer but still has a pocket to add absorbency) and a Snap-on Adult Cloth Diaper. 

Do you ever run sales in the adult cloth diaper category?
We do run sales periodically, but not too often.  If you are seeking a discounted item, sign up for the email notifications and you will know when we have any of our adult cloth diapers on sale.

Are these adult diapers bulky?
The Pull-on Style Adult Diapers are not as bulky as the Heavy Duty Adult Cloth Diapers and fit under clothing just fine. The Heavy Duty Adult Cloth Diapers work well under jeans. They can seem pouffy under sweatpants or jammies. Our pattern is better fitting that other adult cloth diapers though. 

How long will one of these adult diapers last before it wears out?
When washed with no bleach or fabric softener, washed in a garment laundering bag, washed regularly without letting them sit with urine in them, and dried on medium – Our adult cloth diapers will last between 9 and 12 months of almost everyday use.

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