Hero Undies Set; Fire Chief – For Heavy Nights

///Hero Undies Set; Fire Chief – For Heavy Nights

Hero Undies Set; Fire Chief – For Heavy Nights


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Is bedwetting something you deal with? Hero Undies Cow Undies are a parents dream!

You’ve got waterproof gussets

Super soft pliable fleece at the legs for long term comfort

Discreet comfortable boxer-style waistband

And a snap-in insert system that gets thoroughly clean (and drys fast!)
These bedwetting underwear are “udderly” moovelous at stopping leaks!

Size 4’s are made to order and ship in 2-3 weeks.


Reusable Nighttime Training Pants

Looking for a better overnight option? Super Undies Hero Undies are Reusable Nighttime Training Pants that provide double waterproof protection. lasting 6-8 hours*. Just match your child’s wetness output with an insert that can absorb it all, and the incredible waterproof protection of the Hero will do the rest. This listing includes all the absorbency you should need, as well as the mighty hero-iffic shell. You can purchase the shell separately here. 

Two layers of waterproof material in the body
Waterproof gussets increase protection
Soft, pliable fleece at the waist and legs for long-term comfort
Easy pull-on style for premium Bedwetting protection
Heavy Duty Microfiber insert-set, equaling 3 layers of protection If this is too much you can remove an insert and break it down into two or three layers. 
Reusable Nighttime Training Pants are Made In the USA (YAY!)

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I really need a Hero?

If you are looking for reliable Reusable Nighttime Training Pants because you have a child who wets the bed, then yes, you need a Hero. We offer a moderate nighttime solution that is an all-in-one piece if you prefer. The Hero is a very waterproof, heavy duty system built for full protection. If you need an even bigger hero, I can introduce you to Jesus. 😉

Does each pair of Hero Undies come with an insert?

Yes. You can buy Hero shells separately under other listings. We offer shells for people who have inserts already (although they won’t fit as great as ours) or for use as a swim diaper. Our Pull-on Undies are great for swim diapers as well, but these Hero Undies used as a shell are so helpful for children who suffer from bowel incontinence in the pool. Those gussets are amazing! So one product can go from Reusable Nighttime Training Pants to a pair of incredibly strong swimming pants! Hero Undies have multiple “secret identities.” 

Can these take more absorbency?

The Hero Insert Set is designed to fit perfectly in the hero, but if you need to add even more absorbency, you may do so. If your insert fits in the Hero Insert pocket, then go for it, otherwise, put your additional absorbency behind your Hero Insert Set. Check out our Step-up inserts for added absorbency.

What if this leaks for me?

With triple waterproof barriers, these would be hard to get to leak, but we have met those occasional kids with “Super Powers.” In this case, you need to experiment with a formula.

Undies Absorbency Power > Kids Pee Output  

The trick is to match or beat your child’s output with absorbency. If you are sure you already are, then your fabrics may be repelling liquid. This can happen from using fabric softener, or from washing over and over and over and over for months. If your inserts are repelling, you can strip wash them or get new inserts. This is a benefit over an All-in-one system, since age may tear up an insert, but you don’t need to replace the entire item. To test this, trickle a few drops of tap water off your fingers and onto the insert. If it beads up and does not soak in, then your insert is repelling. What I love the most about our Hero Undies is that you can replace the insert for minimal cost and refresh your whole system!

Additional information

Weight 2.6 oz
Dimensions 1.5 in

Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4


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