Hero Undies Microfiber Insert Set


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Two inserts in one!

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This innovative Hero Undies MicroFiber insert is designed to give you a customizable option when fitting your child’s wetness capacity with absorbency. This is a two-piece set, consisting of a three-layer pocketed insert, and a two-layer microfiber Step-Up Insert pre-stuffed inside. It is the ultimate in overnight protection. Microfiber is known to be the fastest absorbing fabric developed and holds an incredible amount of wetness. The main three-layer microfiber insert is topped with a feel-wet fabric that may help children wake up when bedwetting, possibly leading to a shorter bedwetting career. The total Hero Insert Set is five layers of microfiber, making it an incredible force to try and flood through. The size and shape of this insert are perfectly matched to the Nighttime Underwear Hero, offering full coverage from the top of the front of the undies to the top of the back of the undies. The flared-out contoured shape gives, even more, soaking power to the insert and helps it lock in place.

Features: Three layers of microfiber terry in the main insert pocket style to add more absorbency. Separately included, two-layer microfiber Step-up Insert. Perfect contoured fit to lay in Nighttime Underwear Heroes without twisting top to top full absorbency coverage when used in the Hero. This insert set is designed to give you a customizable option when fitting your child’s wetness capacity with absorbency. This is a two-piece set, consisting of a three-layer pocketed insert, and a two-layer microfiber Step-Up Insert pre-stuffed inside. It is the ultimate in overnight protection.

 Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do I need to buy this insert separately from the Hero, or does one come with it?
    Our Hero Undies come with an insert. The base price of he shell is 26.95, and a shell with insert is 36.95. You can use this as a guide to determine if the listing you are viewing has the insert in it.  Some stores may offer inserts as an add-on, while some places may list inserts separately.
    In the Hero Insert Set, why does the big insert have a number and the size and the small insert have a letter?
    Super Undies has had a product called the Step-up Insert available for many years. It is a two-layer microfiber or cotton insert designed to help boost absorbency, so a parent can add more stuffing if the kid is a heavy bed wetter. When we developed the Hero Insert set, we decided to use the inserts already on the market so people can expand their sets as needed. Step-up Inserts are available to purchase separately, but one will come pre-stuffed in your Hero Insert Set. A Step-up Insert can not be used alone with the Hero Undies. It does not provide enough absorbency.
    Which insert is the most absorbent, microfiber or bamboo/hemp?
    Microfiber absorbs faster, and absorbs more. But there are reasons why a parent may not want microfiber. We offer organic Bamboo/Hemp as well, for a cost increase. For a child who has a very strong fast stream or floods the bed, you will need the fastest soaking power out there. I would encourage you to use our microfiber.
    What if this insert does not absorb all my child can pee out in one night?
    The magic formula for making any cloth overnight product work is to match or beat your child’s output capacity with absorbency. Most parents will find the insert that comes with the product is adequate absorbency for what they need, but some will have to seek additional absorbent options. For this reason, you can always get an additional Step-up Insert and add it behind the Hero Insert Set, or even a cotton washcloth! The cost of using disposables every night for years will seem like a weight off your shoulders if you just find that magic output/absorbency ratio for your undies.

The Quick Version: Turn inside out and place in a garment bag. Wash with a trusted detergent. Dry on Medium. No bleach – No fabric Softener.


The Longer Version: There are many different products and routines people use when laundering their cloth diapers. Here at Super Undies we always recommend washing our products in a garment bag. This will help prevent the inserts from getting caught around the agitator in your washing machine (if you have one) and getting torn or ripped away at the seam of the diaper.

We first recommend washing your Super Undies on either a warm or cold wash prior to use once you have made sure the product fits your child. Once the product has been used we recommend using a diaper sprayer to rid the diaper of any solids into your toilet. Do you need to purchase a diaper sprayer? No! but it makes life so much easier when cloth diapering.

If your Super Undies are soiled, use the diaper sprayer, or just shake the solids out into the toilet. To help reduce stains you will want to cold rinse the diaper and throw it into a diaper pail, or wet bag keeping it wet until you are ready to wash. You will want to wash our products every day or every other day. You will want to use your washing machines highest water level available. You may need to pre-rinse with no detergent and then follow through with a warm wash with detergent. You can then dry our products either in the dryer, or line dry them or a combination of both.

*Please note that cotton is a natural fiber and does have a tendency to fray. Fraying of any cotton product is not considered a defect but rather something that can naturally occur.


What to Avoid: You will want to avoid using chlorine bleach on a regular basis. It will start to break down the fibers and shorten the life and absorbency of the diapers. It also may irritate your child’s skin. You also want to avoid using any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets. Fabric softeners coat the absorbent layers of the diapers and will reduce absorbency.


Lengthen the Life of Your Super Undies: To lengthen the life of your Super Undies you will want to hang dry your diapers overnight, or partially dry in the dryer and then hang dry after a cold rinse. Minimize use of bleach or any products containing bleach. You can use 1/2 c. of lemon juice to whiten or sun them in cold weather to freshen and remove stains.


Funky/Smelly Diapers: Over time cloth diapers tend to get a build up of uric acid and ammonia from urine causing a funky smell and will also cause your Super Undies to not be as absorbent as they once were. We recommend looking up “how to strip cloth diapers” and finding the recipe you prefer to strip your Super Undies of any funky smells.


Choosing a Detergent: There are many opinions about which detergents are best for cloth diapers. We believe you should use what works for you and your family. Remember, if you feel your detergent isn’t working, you can always strip your diapers and start over. Do not use any baby detergents such as Dreft, since they contain fabric softeners.

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