*Limited Release* Overnight Adult Incontinence Pants – Dirt Movers – Large 34/36/38″


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Adult incontinence can be a financial burden, as well as a difficult issue to cope with. Super Undies makes adult cloth diapers, based on child diapers that are proven to work, but in larger sizes. These items are designed for daytime and nighttime incontinence for adults and kids with special needs. Save money with easy to wash, reusable adult cloth diaper options over costly disposable adult diapers.

More to consider when adult diapering 

  • These adult diapers have no opening. They are a pull-on style diaper. No openings means no compromised seams to leak through.
  • We only ever sew through 3 layers of fabric at a time. Any more than that and odors can build up and become trapped in the seams.
  • Full coverage back – More room in the back means more space to absorb, and more waterproofing to hold it all in.
  • Built-in pocket inside for you to add more absorbency as needed. You can use our adult cloth diaper inserts, but you can also use a rag or hand towel!


Commonly Asked Questions
How absorbent are these compared to disposable adult diapers?
When put to the test, our X-large size diaper with inserts can hold 750 ml of fluid. That’s a whole wine bottle! But depending on size absorbency varies. Disposable adult diapers use something called SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) to soak up the liquid on hold it, but that is not a sustainable practice. Not for the materials, and not for your wallet. While switching to cloth can certainly be scary at first, Super Undies has branched off a brand called Threaded Armor to be just that. Threaded Armor. We have created the best leakproof system known in adult cloth diapering, and applied manufacturing techniques straight from our knowledge in modern cloth diapers. We looked and fit and function when crafting our products, rather than cutting corners, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best adult cloth diaper on the market today. The absorbency in this product is directly related what you need. The unique system of adding inserts based on your needs makes them able to absorb what YOU need them to.

What size adult cloth diaper should I get?
We recommend you measure your waist rather than go by your pants size, then compare it to the chart under the SIZE TAB. Our measurements are actual fitting measurements. Choose a size that correlates to your measurement sitting right in the middle of the range we give.

How many diapers will I need?
Track how many diapers you typically use during the day and try to determine when you need heavier absorbency. You can always use our lighter absorbency, trimmer pull-on style adult diapers for a portion of the day and reserve the heavy absorbency overnight underwear for the times when you need more soaking power.

Will you be making these adult diapers in other colors?
At times we do experiment with more colors. We watch our sales and decide from there what we discontinue. We feel that we have a robust variety of color and print choices at the moment. We always notify our email subscribers of new colors coming out. Too stay up to date, please sign up to receive the emails.

How much absorbency is built into your adult cloth diapers?
There are four layers of built in absorbency into our Overnight Adult Diapers, and two layers in our Pull-on Incontinence Briefs. Two layers are hidden inside the garment, with another two layer soaker pad sewn in. There is also a pocket for you to add more absorbent inserts as needed in either diaper.

Do you carry other incontinence products?
We carry Overnight Heavy Absorbency Adult Incontinence Pants, a Pull-on Style Waterproof Incontinence Diaper (slimmer but still has a pocket to add absorbency) and absorbency boosting inserts.

Do you ever run sales in the adult cloth diaper category?
We do run sales periodically, but not too often If you are seeking a discounted item, sign up for the email notifications and you will know when we have adult cloth diapers on sale.

Are these adult diapers bulky?
The Pull-on Style Adult Incontinence Briefs are not as bulky as the Overnight Heavy Absorbency Diapers, and fit under jeans just fine. The Overnight Adult Diapers will fit under jammies.

What if I don’t need an item that bulky?
Our Pull-on Incontinence Briefs are really very slim and fitting. Give them a try!

How long will one of these adult diapers last before it wears out?
When washed with no bleach or fabric softener, washed in a garment laundering bag, washed regularly without letting them sit with urine in them, and dried on medium – Our adult cloth diapers will last between 9 and 12 months of almost everyday use.

 Adult cloth diaper size chart

The Quick Version: Turn inside to and place in garment bag. Wash with trusted detergent. Dry on Medium. No bleach – No fabric Softener. The Longer Version: There are many different products and routines people use when laundering their cloth diapers. Here at Super Undies we always recommend washing our products in a garment bag. This will help prevent the inserts from getting caught around the agitator in your washing machine (if you have one) and getting torn or ripped away at the seam of the diaper. We first recommend washing your Super Undies on either a warm, or cold wash prior to use once you have made sure the product fits your child. Once the product has been used we recommend using a diaper sprayer to rid the diaper of any solids into your toilet. Do you need to purchase a diaper sprayer? No! but it makes life so much easier when cloth diapering. If your Super Undies are soiled, use the diaper sprayer, or just shake the solids out into the toilet. To help reduce stains you will want to cold rinse the diaper and throw it into a diaper pail, or wet bag keeping it wet until you are ready to wash. You will want to wash our products every day or every other day. You will want to use your washing machines highest water level available. You may need to pre-rinse with no detergent and then follow through with a warm wash with detergent. You can then dry our products either in the dryer, or line dry them or a combination of both. Please note that cotton is a natural fiber and does have a tendency to fray. Fraying of any cotton product is not considered a defect but rather something that can naturally occur. What to Avoid: You will want to avoid using chlorine bleach on a regular basis. It will start to break down the fibers and shorten the life and absorbency of the diapers. It also may irritate your child’s skin. You also want to avoid using any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets. Fabric softeners coat the absorbent layers of the diapers and will reduce absorbency. Lengthen the Life of Your Super Undies: To lengthen the life of your Super Undies you will want to hang dry your diapers overnight, or partially dry in the dryer and then hang dry after a cold rinse. Minimize use of bleach or any products containing bleach. You can use 1/2 c. of lemon juice to whiten, or sun them in cold weather to freshen and remove stains. Funky/Smelly Diapers: Over time cloth diapers tend to get a build up of uric acid and ammonia from urine causing a funky smell and will also cause your Super Undies to not be as absorbent as they once were. We recommend looking up “how to strip cloth diapers” and finding the recipe you prefer to strip your Super Undies of any funky smells. Choosing a Detergent: There are many opinions about which detergents are best for cloth diapers. We believe you should use what works for you and your family. Remember, if you feel your detergent isn’t working, you can always strip your diapers and start over. Do not use any baby detergents such as Dreft, since they contain fabric softeners. For a list of “Cloth Friendly Detergents” check out this great list from our friends over at Pinstripes and Polkadots to see which detergent is best for you and your family.

Additional information

Weight 12.4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1.5 in

Wash in warm to hot water in a garment bag. Dry on Medium for longest life. No fabric softener.


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