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Want help potty training at night?

Cloth “night trainers” build the brain/body connection in a fast effecient way while your child sleeps. Read below to get extra help potty training at night! 


Potty Training at Night

It can take a child’s body three to six months of being daytime potty trained to naturally figure out potty training at night . You can consider yourself in the “night training” phase at this point. There are lots of things that can help, and I’ll share them all!

#1 Potty Training at Night just naturally takes time.

  • If after six months of mostly accident free days your child is still peeing at night, “Hello bedwetting, nice to meet you.” It can take months for your child’s body to build the brain/body connection. Why so long? Because it is sleeping when it does this.

#2 Moving to Cloth Helps Potty Training at Night

  • Do you mean potty training pants? No. Unless the item you are looking for specifically mentions the product is “for nighttime” than it is not going to work. It will have minimal absorbency and will leak on your mattress. You need a solution that was made for potty training at night.
  • Switching to cloth works best with a child who has been in disposable diapers.  By making this change, you are shifting what the mind is going through when the wetting actually happens. Kids can feel more wetness in cloth than in disposables, which is a huge advantage to a sleeping brain! It could even be powerful enough to help wake them up. Regardless, switching ot cloth builds the brain-to-body connection that can help your child grow out of bedwetting and bring success for potty training at night.

#3 Get Extra Sleep

  • There’s nothing tough about this idea except maybe the fight you might go through getting your kid to bed earlier! Kids in elementary school and toddlers with busy mornings don’t have a choice in when they wake up. Naps start to go away, and exhaustion sets in at night. There is a place in the brain that stays awake for the sole purpose of making sure you don’t eliminate in your sleep. When your body isn’t rested well enough, it is too deep in sleep to feel the signal of a full bladder. None the less, the bladder must release. Getting 30 more minutes of sleep per night for two weeks can be enough to restore your sleep tank, and stop bedwetting. Yes! potty training at night can be that simple!

#4  Try the Birthday Suit Method

  • Have your child sleep bare butted. When a child pees at night and the wetness is caught in the diaper, whether cloth or disposable, it is held close to the body. That limits the cause and effect feeling. If you want a real “wake up” effect, having nothing will give that to you! Sure, you have to diaper the bed instead. Sure, you have to wash a blanket in the morning. Sure, you need to budget time for a bath or shower the next day, but this is all temporary. Have your child sleep bottomless for three to four days straight. Remember, you only have one opportunity each night (usually) for the learning moment to happen, so these methods are not a one night solution. You will need repetition for the solution to take hold. After a few days go back to diapers or cloth over night trainers. Try this method every few weeks, and potty train at night more effectively!


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