Potty Training Age is amongst the top searched for term on the internet in regards to potty training, so we’re giving you this book for free! Laura Woj is our resident potty training expert. She is the author of Potty Training Through Parenting, and personally handles all our customers potty training questions. We’re giving away her ebook as a free gift to anyone, and we mean anyone! Why? Here’s what she says…

“I believe that to be great, you must serve others.

I’m dedicated to making an impact in parents lives by spreading my knowledge to as many people as I can. How can any of us make a difference in this world? By using what we have. This is what I have, so this is what I can give.

I believe that people matter, and parent’s have a hard time wrapping their minds around potty training.  There is so much fear in this area

When should I start potty training?

If I start can I stop again or will I ruin the processes?

It can be confusing with so much advice flying around the internet, and what worked so quickly for one family may not work for you. I invite you to filter this information through the lens of your family, and I would ask that you do that with ALL potty training age information.