Potty Training Support Pack

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Kick potty training into high speed with our Potty Training Help – Support Package! This great mini-pack gives you The Potty Bell, a confetti-packed set of Potty Training Punch Cards, a laundry garment bag, and our very own Potty Training Through Parenting book! Check out each item’s use below…

The Potty Bell – This regular silver desk bell makes a sound that enchants and tingles the ears of children. This effect is amplified when you get to ring it with the echo of a bathroom – but only if you’ve used the potty! Mom and dad get to ring it when they go too, drawing your toddler into the game. What a creative and exciting non-food based incentive! The Potty Bell really works and can give you the potty training help you need!

Potty Training Punch Cards  – Potty Bells are fun, but after that ring, they get to fill in a spot on this “coffee card”! After six successful potty breaks, your toddler gets whatever incentive is attached to the card. You can make this food or candy based, like a spoon of ice cream, or the ever-so-popular M&MS, or it can be a small toy! Cash in a few full cards for a fun experience. You get to create your own rewards system with these versatile Potty Training Punch Cards! Each pack comes in a clear envelop with confetti paper – making them even MORE enticing to children 🙂

2 Laundry garment Bags – Did you know that even used Super Undies have a high resale value? That’s right! Parents will pay as much as 75% of the retail value of a Super Undies in good used condition, so taking care of your trainers can reap a reward! Keep your trainers nice and neat by using laundry garment bags, then put them up for sale on our Buy/Sell/Trade page!

Potty Training Through Parenting – No parent should walk this journey alone. Potty Training Through Parenting, written by Laura Woj, will teach you how to potty train. Beyond that though, this book in an invaluable resource in helping your child go through harsh transitions and preps parents for when to relax and when to stick to their guns. You will be ready to tackle potty training regression, which will more likely happen, and understand all about how night wetting fits into potty training. The book takes you through language to use with your toddler, how to acclimate them to use the bathroom outside of the home, and how to tell if your child is dealing with fear, anxiety, or an allergy (and what to do about it.)

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