Special Needs Waterproof Underwear

Families use our special needs incontinece underwear for a vareity of reasons. Most commonly we hear they are helpful for kids with Spinabifida, delayed potty training due to Autism, Angelman’s Syndrome, neurogenic bladder, epilepsy, diabetes, or brain injury or dysfuncion. We have designed our waterproof underwear to have light absorbency, plus a pocket to add more pads into. We offer larger sizes, accomodating children through adult, for specialized cloth diapering needs, or “just in case” situations.

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Special Needs Incontinence Underwear

Special Needs Incontinence Underwear | Bigger Sized Diapers | Waterproof Undies

Special Needs Incontinence Underwear

Special Needs Circumstances can demand hard-to-find solutions, especially when looking for bigger sized reusable diapers. We specialize in waterproof, lightly padded, underwear that can have absorbency added to it. Our customers typically find our product useful for Spina Bifida, delayed potty training, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrom, STB injury, OAB, urine leaking, urge incontinence, post-op care, epilepsy, and much more. It is common for a family to order a pair to try out, then return for a 10 pack.

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