Special Needs Incontinence

Cloth Reusable Options for Special Needs

 Special needs incontinence products for kids and adults need to cover a myriad of sizes, to fit you! Super Undies offers three different lines of waterproof underwear/diapers to fit big kids through adults.  Most people with non-standard incontinence issues are using disposable diapering products, but transitioning to cloth can be rewarding, practical, reliable, and save you tons of money! 

Adjustable Absorbency

     Whether you get a Snap-on, Pull-on or Nighttime underwear, you will have the ability to adjust the absorbency as you need it. Each of these three products lines contain initial absorbency, as well as an internal pocket that can hold additional inserts. Now you can get the soaking power you need without overstuffing it, and risk an item that is too bulky.

Long Lasting Comfort

     The majority of comments we get from current Super Undies users is that these waterproof underwear are the most comfortable incontinence product they’ve ever tried. We hear about how scratchy the leg area of a disposable diaper is, and how smooth and soft Super Undies legs are. Our fold-over elastic is milled in America, is broader, softer, stretchier and smoother than any other fold-over elastic we’ve ever found. We pay more for it, but the comfort is worth it! 

Safety and Peace of Mind for Sensitive Users

     For years now you have carefully considered every aspect of diet and exercise around your loved one with special needs. We have responsibly picked up that mantle when it comes to incontinence because for a person who is life-long incontinent, they will be in that products more than anything. Using reusable cloth diapers will eliminate the toxic dioxins that your loved one is being exposed to. Our fabrics are milled in America and tested for quality control. 

 Incontinence can be handled in the home or out of the house. We’ve helped people of all ages with incontinence issues use cloth at work, in a professional environment, at school, and even on vacation! Transitioning from disposables to cloth diapers can be intimidating, but starting slowly with a hybrid of the two styles can help ease you into using cloth more and more. Eventually, as you build your stash of cloth diaper products, you won’t need to buy ANY disposables, period!

Financial freedom from disposables is possible! Super Undies even offers terrific swim diapers and products that can handle bowel incontinence.  

We make it easy to transition to cloth diapers!