Super Undies Brand Ambassador Program

Do you love Super Undies products? Are you a social person? Do you love sharing your experiences and giving people information on products that have worked well for you and your family? Then join our team!

So What do we Look for in a Brand Ambassador

  • Parents/Caregivers that are currently using or looking to use Super Undies cloth potty training or bedwetting products.


  • Parents/Caregivers that are comfortable sharing images of their child/ren in our products online


  • Someone who has at least 2 social media accounts or willing to sign up for more

  • Someone who is energetic and loves sharing their experiences and feels confident in engaging with others

  • Someone who is an active member or engages in cloth diaper and or potty training/bedwetting groups on social media (or who is willing to join such groups)

What Exactly Do I Need to Do?

To be a Super Undies brand ambassador is all we ask is for you to share the love! What does that mean exactly? Your only job as a Super Undies brand ambassador is to complete a few small tasks each month to remain an ambassador. Those tasks include:

  1. Share your love for Super Undies products on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, your own personal blog, YouTube or any other social media outlet using a picture of your child using our products.
  2. Join our groups on Facebook and Instagram to help answer product questions and share your experience and know-how of our line. Make sure to use hashtags that are related to our products (#pottytraining, #pottytime, #pottytrainwithSuperUndies, etc.
  3. Make new friends and offer tips and tricks to other parents/caregivers that are in the throws of potty training.

So What’s in it for Me?

As a Super Undies brand ambassador, you will be the first to see and know about new products, prints/colors that we will be releasing and receive those new products before they are released to the public. You will also receive discounts and special privileges as an ambassador. What’s not to love?!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out this short application HERE and we will be in touch soon!