Trainers Give An Appropriate Transition:
Training pants offer a much-needed transition. Transitions are receiving lot of attention in daycares and preschools more recently due to the rapidly increasing busy schedules of parents. We all prep for a transition into Kindergarten to ease the strain on our children, so why not a transition from being consumed by diapers to being fully potty trained. Its a great feeling as a parent to spend quality time with your child playing, reading a book or enjoying a nice summer day. Super Undies are parent, teacher and nanny approved!

Trainers are Necessary For Sensitive Toddlers:
Not sure if you know, but I’m Laura Woj and I teach potty training all over the country and at the MommyCon events all year long. When I am teaching a session and we get to the Q&A part of it, I can get the same questions over and over. A parent will ask me, “Why is my kid afraid to pee on the potty? She will poop just fine, but not pee. She demands a diaper.” Typically, the issue we battle is the other way around, a kid will pee on the potty and not poop. I travel quite frequently and hear the same scenarios and the same answers…

“You went right from diapers to undies when you potty trained, right?” YES
“And your child peed for the first time and it went right down their legs, right?” YES
“And then she started crying, right?” YES

Shocking a child with something completely new and not preparing them for what could go wrong can spell disaster for both child and parents.
Our little toddlers are sensitive souls and require a better transition from diapers to potty training.

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Training Pants Undo Fear:
Not only for sensitive children, but training pants buy parents time a well. They are an integral part of a more pleasant potty training experience. Trainers that are waterproof like Super Undies give us the extra time to get to the toilet and could save your couch cushions one day. They can certainly undo fear and anxiety about “ditching the diapers” and help both parent and child to move out of our comfort zones.

Training Pants Let You Really “Ditch The Diapers”
Yes, in order to potty train quickly, you need to quit disposables. Just quit it. As you see in our Video those disposables add up quickly. They stop the kid from feeling wet, they absorb WAY too much. In fact – they are DESIGNED to keep you in diapers longer! Of course, they are! They get more of your money if you have to keep buying them! Don’t drink the kool-aid. But yes, it’s scary to start potty training with nothing, so don’t. It’s more relaxing and feels way less like trying out for Fear Factor if you have some trainers you trust, like a quality pair of Super Undies.